Learn more about the Uleyli series of children’s books:

Uleyli: The Princess & Pirate

She is a princess who longs to escape. He is a conquistador looking for adventure. Life in the village will never be the same. (Based on the true story of Florida’s Pocahontas.)

Available as a Graphic Novel and an illustrated Chapter Book.

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“This was a real treat–an exciting story with a powerful message, what’s not to love? It’s always a pleasure to read a children’s book with a female main character who uses her brain to solve her problems (Uleyli’s passion for art is really inspiring). Plus, the Native American history in the book was all new to me and very interesting. This would be a great gift for kids–or adults, honestly–who love art, adventure, or history.” -Amanda Lee, Toronto, Ontario

Author Bio:

G.C. Daniels is a researcher, writer, TV producer & explorer. He has crouched, crawled and climbed his way around ancient sites in ten countries on three continents. He is fascinated by Native American history, philosophy and culture and is the creator of the websites LostWorlds.org and TheNewWorld.us. Inspired by the idea that you have to put your art out there and ultimately your social networks make it succeed, he believes Uleyli’s story will inspire creators, makers, and artists.